Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How To Prevent Matting

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday...after spending two days detangling my hair with the help of my coworkers. I already knew you are not supposed to wash your hair after removing braids without thoroughly detangling and brushing it out. But I didn't know I needed to do that before coloring my hair. It had been a week since I last brushed through my hair (A shame-I know). I could barely pull apart my hair to apply the color but I was crunched for time so I forced it.

The end result was beautiful colored dreadlocks! I would have taken pictures if I wasn't almost in tears. In the past, when clients have come to me with this catastrophe, the only option I offered them was to cut it. This was not an option for me since I have been working on growing my hair back out. So, I slathered up my hair with conditioner and my special blend of oils and went to town on those mats. After several grueling hours, a few pity parties, and cutting some length, they were finally all out.

In conclusion, there are no short cuts to properly detangling hair before washing or you will end up with a heartbreaking mess that will cost you way more time and money than you tried to save in the first place. There are salons that will help remove mats but at a pretty penny. So, spare yourself and learn how to properly remove braids and detangle your hair prior to washing. Ironically, I made a video about this a couple of years ago, on my YouTube if you need help.

Thankfully my hair was spared at the expense of losing some length on my layers but it's all good. I love my new color and look. Happy hair care to you and let me know if you have any questions about the matter after viewing the video here.

Queen Vii

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